About David Azzato – Questions and Answers

“Is it easy to keep up with the today’s world considering you are only a relatively short amount of time in this industry?” – “I don’t think so, it is very easy if you know people and if you know what you are doing. For my team and I, doing a job is not starting – working – finishing. During most of the time when we work on a project we talk very much in our attempt to create the best possible way or solution. Only after that we roll up our sleeves and start working.”
David Azzato is not only a businessman, he is a family-man and a caring employer he always tries to come up with the most interesting ideas. We knew he is working now on a project considering a new way of credit card processing.
“What will be the features of your credit card processing solution? Is it going to change how we use our money online or in move?” – “I don’t think it is going to change anything in the way we use our credit card or spend our money online. Try to think of a new way that would enable people to do it in the easiest and most secure way. The rates for today’s credit card processing start from about 1.58% and go up to almost 3%, which is, I think, insane. We are working on enabling mobile phones to be our credit cards or other devices used to pay.”
“Well, it seem like you are going to change a lot in how we process our money” – “In several aspects, I think, but we are never looking to do something new in the first place. Truth be told, we are always looking to do something better, more secure, easier and at a much lower cost.”

Everything is online today

“It seems like everything you do is online, why do you think is that?” – “Well, not everything my team and I do is online, but most of our projects are. The internet offers such a huge opportunity to do something better, more interesting and more entertaining. And there is a great room for improvements. I think that is why most of our projects take place on the internet.”
“You and your team are also working with some e-commerce businesses to optimize their online traffic?” – “Yes, one of the biggest projects for us right now is the traffic optimization. SEO is not that easy and there are many ways to attract more people, but not every method works in every case. In one case the method 1 increases the number of click by let’s say it 250%, and in other cases only by 60%. We can determine what method is the best for a site and support e-commerce businesses.”
We really enjoyed this conversation and I think David Azzato does a really good job with his team. They seem to enjoy what they are doing and it is obvious their work is good. We certainly think it is.

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