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About Us

May 16th, 2014 Posted in About Us | Comments Off on About Us

TourismWeb is a uniquely designed system that captures Southern Africa tourism traffic on the Internet. This is achieved by a series of strategically placed websites, links, Internet marketing and e-mail campaigns. The traffic and/customers are then routed to chosen/listed enterprises.

Our initial offering is to advertise and register each company on 100 websites with 10 million* views per month. This listing comprises of four pages for each client per site, multiplied by 100 sites gives you 400 targeted web pages.

These websites have been strategically developed to cover all of the categories found in the tourism industry. These categories include:

Adventure and Sport
Culture and Art
Wining and Dining
Health and beauty
Nature and Game Reserves
Tours and Safaris
Cars and Motorbikes
Conferencing and Events
Tourist Attractions

These categories are extremely broad and cover many sectors within the tourism industry. For example, Accommodation consists of the following sectors:

Guest House / Guest farms
Bed and Breakfast
Lodges/Country Estates

TourismWeb not only specialises in international traffic, but also captures a considerable amount of local traffic. We advertise and place links on a wide range of partner sites. The Internet is a highly competitive industry but the potential that exists within the industry is immeasurable. Our business is the Internet and we are professionals in this field. Companies will leave their online advertising in our hands, therefore focusing on their core business.

With the Soccer World Cup 2010, the amount of internet traffic to the South African Market and surrounding area’s will increase significantly. We will be poised to route this traffic to our sites.

Companies might also feel that, by having their own websites, they have sufficient exposure. The exposure, hits and traffic that Tourism Web will generate for the company is far greater than that of a single isolated website. Once their company enters our “web”, it will be viewed by a large number of tourist’s everyday, 24 hours a day.