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We go to the doctor when it’s too late, when the disease has already been installed. And even if we go forward, the doctors do not tell us what we should do to prevent a possible condition. It’s understandable – if not longer sick people, doctors would disappear.

yaconmolassesIn fact, few doctors are trained for prevention. They do not prescribe a specific diet and supplements but drugs. Whenever your doctor prescribes vitamins and minerals that your getting sick? They take charge of the prescription. Therefore, it is our task to prevent disease and preventing lies primarily in nutrition. Unfortunately, people choose to take care of the outside, the cosmetics and clothes. When, finally, inside the trouble, it’s often too late.

In the picture above we represented the correct food pyramid. Is a diagram of what to eat for our body’s cells to be part of the nutrients necessary for proper functioning. Pyramid is confirmed by all specialized universities in the world and the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are six main types of nutrients necessary for cell nutrition: sterol lipid, protein, minerals, vitamins,carbohydrates and enzymes.

On the basis of our diet should be whole grains, pasta and rice. Not every grain but the whole, that is what keeps skin where most nutrients are found. Grain nutrients to the proper functioning of the cell membrane, the absorption of essential component within the cell. These foods, along with exercise and exercise are the foundation of a healthy life.

Scale food is fruits and vegetables. This gives us some nutrients called flavonoids and carotenoids, which play an important role in protecting the cell from the effects of oxidation.

Meat, dairy and eggs should be eaten in moderation. They are a source of protein required for the cells to produce energy.

In last place are fats, oils and sugars. They should be eaten as often, because it provides nutrients in food are already set down.

That should show our diets but in reality the opposite is true. The top is the most consumed (meats, sugars and fats) and those based on consumed the least. Or do not exercise.

This situation makes our body is deprived of essential nutrients and are hampered by excess protein and toxins. Problems when starting, starting at the cellular level. These lack the necessary nutrients not functioning properly. The cell membrane stiffen and not allowed to enter the necessary elements to be removed or debris. Cells behave abnormally and we begin to feel tired and stuffy and look bad. In turn, the immune system is also affected by diet wrong, can not face external aggressions: bacteria, viruses, stress … The result is that the body is deteriorating and we get sick.

If we do not correct lifestyle (do not have the will to change, we do not like the taste of healthy food, no time for sport …, we can bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat with nutritional supplements Yacon Molasses. They provide aid in healthy weight loss or in our diet, help better digestion and is low in calories. Read on http://yaconmolassesinfo.com/ detailed information and the benefits of using this product.

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