ZetaClear – how to avoid nail fungus

All of us have faced at some point with nail fungus. Lighter or worse, they give us headaches. Here are some things to avoid.

Avoid the following things:

zetaclear1. Avoid culprit

If you work a lot in the house and often use detergents, bleaches, strong cleaning solutions, or the job you bartender, janitor, etc., often try to use plastic or disposable gloves used to protect hands and nails.

Protection is necessary because the infection can lead to permanent deformation of the nail or loss.

2. Nails cut short

As nails are cut short, the risk of being affected delayed is lower.

3. Careful not to hit your nails

Do not use nails instead screwdriver, grated or other utensils. Also, try not to hit them with a hammer … you get the idea!

Such events can affect the nails, paving the way and stopping the growth of nail infections. You have to go to the doctor as soon as possible if the nail starts to change color (turns black or bluish).

4. “Feed your nails”

Nails is fat, so naturally they can not feed, wet or hydrate. But you can help them, soak them in warm water and then apply a nourishing cream.

5. Avoid moisture

Sounds like a contradiction, no? If your nails are infected with a any fungus that prefer moisture and heat, you have to keep your nails dry for a long time and, of course, avoid contact with water.

6. Caring large cuticles

Cuticles should not be cut with scissors and not be pushed into any home with a sharp stick because they can damage the nail surface and can remove the natural barrier against bacteria.

To clean your nails, you must first soak them in warm water, then gently push them with a towel.

7. Risks cosmetics

Color nails can keep moisture on nail adhesives used for applying false nails can cause side effects that affect nails forever. The biggest problem is removing false nails, but if you feel any pain or tenderness is very good to see a doctor.

There are many remedies that can be used for both fingernail problems and those of the feet to avoid fungi or other types of infections:

1. Baking Soda

Clean your nails and your cuticles easily removed with a cloth dipped in baking soda.

2. Salt

Nails that do not grow to be soaked in warm water where salt was dissolved, and this solution will get rid of pain or swelling. Add 1 tablespoon salt 4 tablespoons water then keep your nails in liquid for 30 minutes.

3. Use Zetaclear. Defined formula for removing fungus nails done again be beautiful, natural shine and show them off any fungus. Used as treatment for several months, not only prevents fungus Miss it and exterminate completely. Visit the website to read articles regarding the benefits of using Zetaclear.

Nails are our mirror. Perfect nails can represent us well in the company and more, it can restore confidence in us. So, it’s better to have our nails in good care than to have problems.

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